Rancher’s Challenge

Rancher’s Challenge

Rancher's challenge

Gathering of participants of the first season will be organized on 1 st of October. 

  1. Who can participate in Rancher’s challenge?

Anyone who wants to compare with other participants in Rancher’s challenge can participate

  1. What are the age groups of the participants?

In the youngest group born in 2012 and younger will take part. Born in 2011 and 2010 are in the next group. They are followed by the groups 2009-2008 and 2007-2006. The group 2005 and older is expected to be the strongest. The most experienced will climb in last  group 1962 and older. The women’s and men’s categories are separated.

  1. How the Rancher’s challenge will look like?

Each participant will decide how much time to dedicate to climbing. Everyone will be able to choose routes according to personal preferences. The most dedicated will even have time to study few routes. In the end, each participant will be able to be proud of the five best successful ascents. There is no difference between climbing on sight and red point. Each participant will need to document (at least) two of his/her best ascents.

  1. What is the purpose of Rancher’s challenge?

Many sport climbers want comparisons with peers and also with climbers from other age groups. But many people are annoyed when things get nervous and time-laden. It’s completely different to compare yourself to others if you can make that comparison on your best day and on your favourite routes.

The rancher’s challenge will take place on the Climbing Ranch on existing routes. Each participant will be able to study the chosen routes. Of course, the conditions will not be exactly the same for everyone. Some will take more time for challenge, some less. Realistically, also the conditions at competitions are not the same for everyone. For some, on sight climbing looks great, for others much less. Some have better conditions for ascent than others. Some are nervous and make mistakes, others don’t. The set route corresponds to one, not to the other.

  1. Is Rancher’s challenge a competition?

The rancher’s challenge is to compare abilities that can take place on different routes at different times. From the point of view of the classical definition of competitions, therefore, this is not a competition. It is merely a distance comparison.

However, Rancher’s challenge will possibly serve as a ticket to the competition.  The best of their age groups who wish to do so will be qualified for the competition. If someone cancels the participation, the next one will get a chance. The format and date of the competition will remain a secret until further notice. In any case, the competition will also be conducted in a calm manner without drama and time pressures.

  1. How many points does each successfully climbed route bring?

The table below shows how many points a successfully climbed route brings. The assessment of difficulty is highly dependent on the personal style of the individual climber and therefore any debate about the correctness or incorrectness of the assessments is meaningless. If someone thinks that the other route with the same grade is easier, she/he will just climb it and score points.

In the challenge, the routes are selected arbitrarily.  In the competition top rope will be climbed only in the categories 2012+ and 2011-2010 and in the category 1962-. If climbing a top rope doesn’t suit someone, it will be possible to join the category in which is climbed in lead. It’s just about comparing, socializing, and enjoying a unique sport.

Route difficulty Top rope Lead
3 300
4a 400
4b 433
4c 466
5a 500 500
5b 533 533
5c 566 566
6a 600 600
6a+ 616 616
6b 633 633
6b+ 649 649
6c 666 666
6c+ 683 683
7a 700 700
7a+ 716 716
7b 733 733
7b+ 749 749
7c 766 766
7c+ 783 783
8a 800
8a+ 816
8b 833
8b+ 849
8c 866
8c+ 883
9a 900
9a+ 916
9b 933

How to take part of the Challenge?

Choose RoutenDB in main Menu

Registration, later Log in

Upper left choose ≡

Click your name

Choose User Settings

Enter year of birth and gender to enter your category

Click the diskette to save

How to enter sent routes?

Go to RoutenDB




Click the name of the route (mainly just the colour – Yellow, Red, …)

Click Tick Route

Go to Menu (fill in the art of ascent, possibly other things)

Click the diskette to save

How to check the results?



Rancher’s Challenge

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